Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st Airbrush Use!

I did 3 Assault Marines. I messed with the paint for a while to get a good consistency and then I sprayed. I didn't lose any detail. The paint looks nice and smooth. I think I've got a winner. Here's the Vet Sargent with Thunder Hammer:

Check it!
From Salamanders

Friday, December 4, 2009

A new airbrush!

So, I put the Wolves aside for a moment to do another unit for the Salamanders army that I have. I built an 8 man Assault Squad with Thunder Hammer Sargent and Flamer marine. The reason I did 8 was because I only had 8 jump packs. :)

So, I primed and basecoated them. Now I need to paint them up to my rigorous Salamander Standard (see a couple posts ago for an example). So, while I was thinking about painting yesterday I decided to look into airbrushes. I originally was going to buy the GW spray gun but I kept reading how crappy it was. I continued my airbrush search and before clicking 'buy it now' on Ebay, I checked Craigs List. Lo and behold I found a great deal. So, I drove to Worcester today and met Bruce in a parking lot. Now I've got 4 airbrushes and a compressor and it wasn't a big payout to get em.

Back to my point: The Assault Squad is going to be my test subject for the new airbrush. I've gotta figure out thinning ratios and how to spray and all that, but that's what saturdays are for, right? I'll post pics of my progress!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bjorn 99% done!

So, Bjorn is now 99% done after working on him almost all day Friday. I need to design/finalize a banner for him and then that's it. I'm very excited. Now there's only 1700 more points of Wolves to build and paint... :)

From 40k Space Wolves

Friday, November 27, 2009

Misc Camera Workout

I have my camera out and I decided to take some pictures. Here's some stuff I've painted in the past few months.

Bjorn the Fellhanded is being awakened!

From the bowels of The Fang comes Bjorn the Fellhanded! I would say that he's 90% done right now. All the important stuff is done. He's been washed and highlighted and battled damaged. I'm going to give him one more wolfy icon on the left side of the main body and hand a couple of wolf tails from the middle part. I'm also going to give him a banner. I stole the pole from a Terminator Captain model and added a little wolfy icon to it. Here are some pics! BTW: The new camera is awesome.

From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Units!

I got my new camera! Lots new pics now! Yay!

I have another Dreadnought built that I put a modified arm on. It's a Black Reach Dread that I made a plasma cannon arm out of the multi melta arm.
From 40k Space Wolves

I also found a great wolf mini to use for Thunderwolf Cavalry while my friends were opening Heroclix!
From 40k Space Wolves

I've started painting Bjorn. I think the color is working out well! Check it!
From 40k Space Wolves

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Next Up..

Now that I have my 2 HQs just about assembled, I think I will paint them first. I've got a big batch of Space Wolves armor color mixed up on my paint table. I'll paint Berek Thunderfist first and then Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

After I get them done, it'll be onto more Grey Hunters to build.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Wolves of Fenris muster...

I finished the Daemon commissions I was workin on and now its onto my next army.

I'll apologize in advance for the pics. I'm trying to get the lighting right.

I've started modelling the Space Wolves.

-Berek Thunderfist: I need the right head for him. Other than that, he's built. Here's his legs on the base that I built out of extra Daemon bits:
From 40k Space Wolves

-Bjorn the Fell-handed: I constructed his dreadnought claw out of sprue that I carved. I got the wolf dread arm as a cheap bit but I needed to build the claw. I'm working on an interesting base for him with some Daemon bits I had left over. He will be triumphantly standing on a defiler claw. Here are some in process pics:
From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

-Wolf Guard: Almost all assembled. Here's one to check out:
From 40k Space Wolves

-Wolf Scouts: A pack of 5 is all assembled! Here they are:
From 40k Space Wolves

From 40k Space Wolves

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Space Wolves list

So, after reading both Space Wolf omnibi I decided to start with a fluffy list that had Ragnar in his younger days with Sgt Hakon and his small Blood Claws pack. Here's the list:

Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist
-power fist
-storm bolter
-runic armor
-belt of rudd
-wolf tooth necklace
-melta bombs
-saga of th bear

He's expensive, but I wanted to get close to how he was portrayed in the books: tough to kill.

Bjorn the Fell-handed
-drop pod

Blood claws x7
-drop pod
This is going to be Ragnar's squad. There'll be a wolf guard with them to represent Sgt Hakon

Grey Hunters x10
-plas gun x2

Blood Claws x15
-melta gun

-plas cannon
-wolf tooth necklace
-wolf tooth talisman

Power armor w/power weapon
-Sgt Hakon
Term w/asslt cannon
Term w/wolf claws
Term w/th & ss
Term w/frostblade
Power armor w/jump pack, wolf claws
Term w/chain fist
Term w/power fist
Term w/wolf claws
Term w/cyclone missiles

Lone wolf w/mark of the wulfen

Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs
-heavy bolter x2
-las cannon x2
-plas cannon

Since its my first list, along with being fluffy, I wanted to try lots of stuff. I'm tryin to find the right scale toy wolf for the cavalry, so they'll be in the next list.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The beginning.

I've decided that I want to be a high level 40k painter. I really enjoy the game. I used to play Heroclix. The sculpts were ok, but the paint usually sucked. Now, I get to decide how good or bad they look. I've been playin for about a year and started with Tau. I painted the army and magnetized some crisis suits. I moved onto Necrons and we all know how easy they are to paint.
I was looking for the next army to mess with after Necrons and bought the Space Marine codex and the Eldar codex. I was leaning towards Eldar but someone else in my playgroup beat me to em, so I chose Space Marines. I began a Crimson Fists army cuz I liked Pedro Kantor and the CF story so much. I was gettin bored with Pedro and the gang so I moved to Salamanders. I'm having a lot of fun with Vulkan He'stan and the gang but I like new armies and painting challenges.

I thought about starting Chaos Marines until the Space Wolf info started coming out. So, what does a good Space Marine fanboy do? I bought the 2 Space Wolf omnibusses (omnibi?) and started reading.

So now I've got a pile of Wolf sprues and an army list to fill out. I suppose I should get to work.
I have also taken a commission to build and paint a Chaos Daemon army.

The real point of this rambling is to intro myself as an aspiring painter/modeler. I plan to show the Daemons and the Wolves as I work on them.