Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st Airbrush Use!

I did 3 Assault Marines. I messed with the paint for a while to get a good consistency and then I sprayed. I didn't lose any detail. The paint looks nice and smooth. I think I've got a winner. Here's the Vet Sargent with Thunder Hammer:

Check it!
From Salamanders

Friday, December 4, 2009

A new airbrush!

So, I put the Wolves aside for a moment to do another unit for the Salamanders army that I have. I built an 8 man Assault Squad with Thunder Hammer Sargent and Flamer marine. The reason I did 8 was because I only had 8 jump packs. :)

So, I primed and basecoated them. Now I need to paint them up to my rigorous Salamander Standard (see a couple posts ago for an example). So, while I was thinking about painting yesterday I decided to look into airbrushes. I originally was going to buy the GW spray gun but I kept reading how crappy it was. I continued my airbrush search and before clicking 'buy it now' on Ebay, I checked Craigs List. Lo and behold I found a great deal. So, I drove to Worcester today and met Bruce in a parking lot. Now I've got 4 airbrushes and a compressor and it wasn't a big payout to get em.

Back to my point: The Assault Squad is going to be my test subject for the new airbrush. I've gotta figure out thinning ratios and how to spray and all that, but that's what saturdays are for, right? I'll post pics of my progress!