Friday, October 15, 2010

IA9 and the Red Scorpions have landed!

I placed a healthy Forge World order and it arrived on wednesday. I have decided that with my fanboy-ness of Space Marines I would have a regular Codex chapter (Salamanders), a Non-Codex chapter (Space Wolves) and an Imperial Armour Chapter (Red Scorpions).

So, I got my Forge World order and it was the start of my Red Scorpions army. I got Commander Culln, Magister Sevrin Loth, a kit of veterans with Sgt Haas, a bunch of tactical shoulder pads and some terminator pads. I've already got a FW Mk IV Dread that I'm going to use for this army. I also ordered some dreadnought autocannons. I want to have a line of 3 dreadnoughts with twin-linked autocannons. I think that'll just look so awesome on the table.

My first list is going to be 1000pts and it'll look like this:
High Commander Carab Culln
Tactical Squad with Apothecary
-Melta/Missile Launcher
Tactical Squad with Vet Sarge w/powerfist and Teleport Homer
-Plasma Gun/Multi-Melta
Terminator Squad
-2x Chain Fist
-Assault Cannon
-Assault Cannon

I've got a Space Wolf list to finish painting for a tournament in the next few weeks and then I'll begin on the Red Scorpions.

Yay, more Space Marines.