Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finding like-minded gamers

As I travel deeper into the Warhammer hobby, it seems that there are less friends with me.

The store I usually play at does not have a competitive player base. On the other hand, I'm developing a killer instinct.

The people I play with on a regular basis (except 1) don't paint. The one guy that does paint doesn't get to paint very often. On the other hand, I've been trying to take my painting to higher levels.

My wallet (and wife) weeps at my love for Forgeworld stuff. I'm a Space Marine fanboy and the new armor kits have made me a little crazy. I did get my Mk IV armor in the mail yesterday! On the other hand, my playgroup says it's too expensive for what it is.

I really wanna go to a convention like Adepticon, but noone else does.

I'm married and I have a full time job. I'm not made of money, but I could come up with money for a trip. My wife doesn't mind my hobbying. She's the best.

I guess the next move is to try to meet like-minded people on the internets. Now, I guess I've gotta go find em. I've also gotta figure out a way to get those other Forgeworld space marines.... and a Warhound Titan. Ha!